Why I’ll be Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay on January 9


It had always been a dream of mine to start my own business and I finally got the opportunity to do so back in 2011. That’s when I founded Writer’s Block Admin Services (WBAS) and started the most exciting and rewarding stage of my life so far. Furthermore, starting my own micro business (one that has 0-9 employees) enabled me to fulfil another dream and move to rural France. WBAS allowed me to work from literally anywhere in the world and, therefore, enabled me to operate from France. Now, when I look back at the past couple years, I realise how lucky I am to be living in a place I love and enjoying the best work/life balance I’ve achieved to-date. But it hasn’t always been plain sailing and I’ve had to … [Read more...]

My Interview on LiveWorkAbroad.com

Me New 2

I recently took part in an interview with the website LiveWorkAbroad.com. They offer some fabulous advice for people who are considering moving abroad to live and work, from bank accounts to working remotely. You can read my interview here: http://www.liveworkabroad.com/live-work-abroad-interview-with-jo-harrison     … [Read more...]

The Rise and Fall (I Hope) of Desperate SEO


Jo and I talk a lot. Well I say talk, but quite often it consists of me moaning and Jo listening. In fact, Jo should probably charge me for her 'listening time' but I'm very thankful she doesn't. Now you may be wondering what it is that I moan about. The usual day-to-day stuff mostly but, until recently, there was something else quite specific on my list of bug bears; something that I like to call 'desperate SEO' - the inspiration behind this post. As a freelance writer, I can obviously choose which assignments I grab by the horns and which I let slip me by. However, even when times are quiet, I still need to provide for my family and so take any work (within reason) that I can get. It’s at times like these … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Tips for Managing a Virtual Team


Before I started writing this post I did a quick Google search for a definition of the word ‘virtual’. This is what I found: “Almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition”. Or, in computing terms: “Not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so”. Now as you know, it’s not software that makes me exist or even appear to do so for that matter. But if that’s the case, is virtual assistant really the most appropriate title for what I do? The answer is yes because there’s a further definition that states: “Carried out, accessed, or stored by means of a computer, especially over a network”. I’m definitely accessed over a network, so I won’t look … [Read more...]

Living in France: An Update


3 years ago this coming week, I left my life in the UK and moved to rural France. It's been an uphill struggle most of the time, and now I think I have been here long enough to be able to appreciate that it was quite a brave move for me to make. At that time, I did everything in a mad rush, I visited in the August for a holiday and then decided to move over pretty much as soon as I got home. I then moved lock, stock and barrel in the October. I packed up, saw all my friends before I left, as well as starting my own business... all in about 6 weeks!! One of the hardest things about living in France is learning the language. I'm not a child anymore when learning things is a lot easier, it's taken me 3 years … [Read more...]